Elvis' 1st 45 Released March 12 2014

Dear all,  

This year marks 60 years since the release of Elvis' very first record on the Sun label, 'That's All Right'. It has been on my list of great Elvis songs to paint (it's a long list) for some time. While I was painting, it got me thinking about that date back in 1954. We are preparing to celebrate my Mum and Dad's 60th wedding anniversary later this month. My partner Jacquie and I are very lucky that we have both sets of parents still very much with us but there is a marked difference in them, as something monumental happened in the summer of 1954. My Mum and Dad were married at 19 and 21 so had finished their courting, just before Rock 'n' Roll was to change the World. At their wedding the most daring song played was 'I Remember You' by Frank Ifield. I inherited art from my Mum and Dad so there are no complaints.  

Whereas Jacquie's Mum and Dad, were just a few years younger and as Rock 'n' Roll made its way to Britain over the next few years, they danced together with a new, energised generation as they courted. Many of the records that I've painted are/were theirs, with their names neatly written in Biro on the sleeves and the labels. You can argue that there were earlier Rock 'n' Roll songs, but come on…. Elvis had changed everything.  Each of my Original paintings is a one off. Once created it is crossed off the list and it doesn't matter who you are, it won't be done again. So if you are in the market for something truy unique – please get in touch. Each Original piece is carefully photographed and then reproduced; as an Edition of 9 Supersize 3D prints, the same size as the original Painting, as an Edition of 9 Oversize 3D prints at roughly album size, and as an edition of 75 prints on fine art paper.

The No.1 Oversize Print of 'That's All Right' has already been snapped up by comedian and long term customer Al Murray. A man of great taste and judgement.

If you are familiar with my site you will notice that the larger prints and originals are now listed. Keep an eye out for new works which will be added as I paint them.


Morgan 12th March 2014