Morgan Howell AT 45RPM May 20 2020

So if you'd like to know what the likes of GQ's Dylan Jones, Al Murray, Mark Radcliffe, or Piers Morgan have on their walls...

The Kinks, The Zombies and Paul Weller February 08 2019

Asking Paul Weller for a selfie is a ridiculous notion for me.

The C-Word November 27 2017

'Pick and Mix' Postcards, The Perfect Secret Santa Gift

Johnny FuXXing Marr March 30 2017

Magic day swapping #SeeEmilyPlay for one of Johnny Marr's brilliant signature fender Jags. Johnny bought a #TRex piece, #Metal Guru last year and got in touch a couple of weeks back about See Emily Play. He rated it as a perfect pop single.. this time he suggested the swap and, with 3 keen guitarists in the house, well you've got to right?. We chatted for a couple of hours over a cuppa tea.

Music Therapy January 24 2017

I'm on a dry January. It's been pretty easy actually and strangely enough it seems to have given me more time. I can't really quantify this but that's how I feel. One of the things I've been doing is listening to a whole lot more music of all sorts. Most recently Iggy Pop's 6 Music show on Bowie. Having his personal memories overlaid on a seemingly endless stream of genius...

Tin Solder - Happy to be a part of the industry of human happiness July 29 2016

Ever since I first heard 'Tin Soldier' I've been hooked. Like a lot of people my age who were second generation Mods, it wasn't straightforward to do so. You very rarely heard it on the radio so you had to go and search it out. In fact, I think I first heard the song when I managed to get hold of a Small Faces compilation album, 'Small Faces, Big Hits' which was released some...

Heroes April 08 2016

Dear All, I don’t know about you but I’m still reeling from the shock of David Bowie’s passing. The following day I was asked to take a couple of pieces into the green room at BBCRadio 2 in tribute. We sat with people I’d never met in joint disbelief. For me he had what The Stones and The Beatles had, but there was just him. McCartney and Jagger were both...

Pop-Art Exhibition 12th - 29th Nov. Reuben Colley Fine Art, Birmingham November 11 2015

I visited L.A. with Horace Panter Art this summer and had an absolute ball. We were both there as guests of the @MusackRocks Carnival which is a brilliant charity empowering kids by funding guitars and tuition. Now, back in blighty in November Horace Panter Art and myself are having our first joint show at @RCFA_Gallery in Birmingham. The show starts on Thursday 12th Nov and runs until the 28th Nov. On Saturday 14th, Horace will be...

Capitol Records September 28 2015

This summer I had the great honour of visiting Capitol Records in LA to show them my work. I considered long and hard what would be appropriate to paint and take along on the trip. In the end I decided it should probably be by England's biggest export to America and indeed the rest of the World, The Beatles. In the U.S. they were on the Capitol Label. It also...
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