Complete Circle March 26 2014

Dear all,
I learned an amazing fact this week. It was that since 1991, in the US the Beatles are the second biggest selling band at $65.55 Million with Garth Brooks at number one with $69.52 Million. So even after all this time it seems the World can't get enough of the Fab Four.
By the age of nine or ten I thought I was getting pretty good at art and my tutor thought so too and awarded me the coveted 'Art Prize'. He also thought I was big headed, which was utter nonsense. The Beatles Complete was my proud purchase with my book voucher. I still remember climbing the steps and the applause. The book was a revelation! I kept the shocking contents of the colour images to my room as was careful only to open it on the music score pages. I still don't want my Mum to see. Now, we had the single of Get Back/Don't Let Me Down, but no matter how I tried, the chords in the fabled tome didn't seem to deliver. A cynic might say that virtually all the songs were presented in the wrong key just to confuse a generation. I'm proud to say, I can actually play Get Back now…
My fascination with the band started when I was three. Get Back/Don't Let me Down is a Double A side on The Apple Label recorded on 28th January 1969. At the time, understandably I was pretty unaware of `the Beatles'. Even though, by pure chance one day in January 1969 I was in the back of my Mum and Dad's Ford Zephyr stuck in the traffic in Saville Row as high above our heads, above everyone's heads, The Beatles played these very songs for the last time in public. And so it was that this object which has been in our house all these years became the subject of a piece of my art. And in a perfect circle for this young man, ended up hanging at BBC Radio 2. A very proud moment. 
Follow this link and you can view a stop frame of me working on them.
After a stint on display in the BBC Radio2 Green Room next to Elton John's piano, the pieces can now be seen at: 
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161 King's Rd, London SW3 5XP

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