The Greatest Song of All Time May 01 2014  The Greatest Song of All Time?

Dear All,
Personally I think there are a few candidates for this accolade. However Bill Board finally came to this conclusion, after thinking about it for over 45 years in 2011. It certainly started something new. It's a long and thoughtful song, bitter in places and I've personally never heard a better phrase than a 'Chrome Horse' to describe a big car. Next month Sotherby's have the original lyrics up for sale. Hand written on 4 sheets of Hotel stationery in 1965 the 'Manuscript" is a fascinating document when you think about it. Most thoughtful poems would never achieve this fame, but this was something new, and it changed everything.
Realising the song's significance, I painted it in its original US Columbia imprint for my exhibition last year. We have contacted Sotherby's to see if they'd like it. If I was stumping up getting on for £1m quid I'd want a massive 3D painting of the song to hang on the wall along side. Fingers crossed.
In the meantime, prints of this and my newly released 'Hang On To Yourself' by David Bowie are available at 15% of using this code BWV1ZYSATV7W
Although the song was kept off the top of the Billboard chart by The Beatles' Help, Rolling Stone magazine went on to name it the Greatest Song of all Time in 2011.