From Chelsea to Chelski September 22 2014

45 VIP Club - From Chelsea to Chelski 
It's funny when you think back, how what seemed like a small decision, made many months ago can have such an impact on your life.
This was the thought running through my mind as I settled in the sagging, well worn seat in a decidedly 'underground' club near the old meat market in Volgograd, the former Stalingrad.
Some 200 or so guests had turned up to watch this unknown Brit artist wrestle with IT, a Russian laptop and several translators. Or maybe they were there to watch the ballet dancers that followed.
Either way it didn't matter once we got going and the pin sharp audience absolutely got it. One question stuck out, had I met Robert Fripp?? (No).
Winding back to earlier in the year, I had asked my local record shop to display some of my work. I got a call from former St.Albans record shop and club owner and DJ Graham Kentsley who'd seen my work in the window. We met, he bought an original, told me his story and how he had spent 20 years working in Russia and one thing led to another.
Now I can say London – Manchester – New York - Singapore – Volgograd on the CV. The Pieces are on show in two prestigious galleries in this truly great city.
My show at Proud Galleries in the Kings Road has now come to an end and I'd like to thank all who came and helped to make it such a huge success. We sold really well and met many new friends along the way. One of the highlights was a classic album night celebrating 50 years of 'A Hard Day's Night'.
We played the 50 year old album on a hi fi system with an RRP of £75K and it sounded amazing. We were joined by Journalist Pete Paphides in conversation with Beatles Historian Mark Lewisohn. Only regret was that we didn't film it for you all to watch, sorry. Pictured is my painting of Shirley Bassey's Goldfinger theme commissioned and painted during my show. Coincidentally the London premier of the film was 50 years ago this September. Many thanks to and for all their help. And of course
Next we move the exhibition from Volgograd to Moscow in November, and I get on with the latest commissioned piece. Not 'From Russia With Love' sadly but if you know any well-heeled Bond fans.
Prints of the Goldfinger piece will be available later in the month 
See you after the fireworks…