Music Therapy January 24 2017

I'm on a dry January. It's been pretty easy actually and strangely enough it seems to have given me more time. I can't really quantify this but that's how I feel. One of the things I've been doing is listening to a whole lot more music of all sorts. Most recently Iggy Pop's 6 Music show on Bowie. Having his personal memories overlaid on a seemingly endless stream of genius made everything OK for a bit. Having witnessed so much of the process of making this incredible music, his commentary was fascinating. On the downside, we've run out of tea and I'm sick of Ginger Beer.

Over the Christmas break, I woke up with a start one morning and had seemingly decided in my sleep to produce a Life On Mars piece to donate to MacMillan Cancer Support. I knew that Rick Wakeman, who played the piano on the song, was going to perform again on the Simon Mayo show on the anniversary of Bowie's passing, the 10th Jan, and I had already decided that my Black Star stamp was going to stop on that day. So I arrived at the BBC on the 9th with the piece and a hopeful letter for Mr Wakeman... anyway for those interested the unique piece is up on eBay and fingers crossed it does OK. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has bid so far and to Messrs Wakeman and Mayo for signing it. 

So dear 45-ers a whole compilation album of new Art is in the store and here is an offer to tempt you, well the first 50 of you anyway (I should be so lucky). A whole 20% off when you use the following code. So if you've been putting off a purchase or would like to add to your collection this might help. The new works since my last blog include: Tumbling Dice by The Stones, 20th Century Boy by T.Rex, Both sides of the first Beatles single on the glorious harlequin Parlophone sleeve, Love Me Do/P.S. I Love you, which is really a diptych, All Right Now by Free and lastly for Bowie, Life On Mars. Just paste this code in when prompted at the checkout. IA2IWBK23DMB

There’s a lot of 45s on the site now so the best way to find what you are after is to search the artist, it’s what I do anyway.