Tin Solder - Happy to be a part of the industry of human happiness July 29 2016

Ever since I first heard 'Tin Soldier' I've been hooked. Like a lot of people my age who were second generation Mods, it wasn't straightforward to do so. You very rarely heard it on the radio so you had to go and search it out. In fact, I think I first heard the song when I managed to get hold of a Small Faces compilation album, 'Small Faces, Big Hits' which was released some time after the Quadrophenia movie came out. There were great sleeve notes, by Chris Welch, explaining the band's rainbow curve from 65-68 and the really innovative recording. I've often heard stuff and thought, "wasn't that The Small Faces?" The sliding wail and crash at the end of 'Here Comes The Nice' is an intro on Weller's Broken Stones. And 'Wham Bam Thank You Mam' not only landed up in Bowie's lyrics but surely presages heavy metal with its repetitive guitar riff and soaring raucous vocal throughout. 

Back to 'Tin Soldier'. We covered it (badly) in our band when we were kids. That intro is still the greatest in my mind, and the stop... before the power chords and wailing vocal... magical. So when I was thinking about what British tunes to paint and ship to L.A. for our show in October, it just had to be this. I always just loved the 'Immediate' bag with its Mod arrow and simple black and white aesthetic. My original painting, along with 'Ghost Town' will be hanging in the BBC Radio 2 Green Room for the next couple of months but both pieces and prints thereof are available as ever.

There are also seven Artist's Proofs outside the limited edition of 75 which are only available to 45VIP Club members - all in a 50x50cm Box Frame. Please email me on morgan@supersizeart.com if these are of interest. These are not available on the website. Thanks all.