“All Right Now” by Free Original Painting (Sold)


‘All Right Now’ by the English rock band Free was released in mid 1970 and was a No.2 on the UK singles chart and reached No.4 on the US Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. It was from the album ‘Fire and Water’, which Free recorded on the Island Records label, formed by Chris Blackwell. The song was written by bassist Andy Fraser and singer Paul Rodgers in the Durham Students' Union building.

After a poor gig, the band knew they badly needed an uptempo number to end the show. Andy Fraser claimed that he suddenly had inspiration and started bopping around singing ALL RIGHT NOW... He sat down and wrote it right there in the dressing room. It couldn't have taken more than 10 minutes.

Framed Supersize Original - £12,500
Hand Painted 3D construction on canvas  27" grooved vinyl disc & fine art paper label
Signed and stamped by Morgan Howell
Size: 810mm x 810mm (32" x 32")
Bespoke Art Glass Frame

Sold Out

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